6th Grade Spelling Year-long Curriculum

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This is a comprehensive year-long spelling curriculum for your 6th graders. These lists are organized by by spelling rule and pattern. See below for a list of which patterns and rules are covered. Each week has 10 words provided and also provides space for 5 of your own words. You can choose whether to add thematic words or personal spelling words. This resource includes enough spelling lists for 30 weeks. Over 200 pages!!


Each Week Includes:

- Teacher poster with spelling words and spelling rule/pattern (in color)

- Teacher call out page with sentences to read out during the test

- Spelling worksheet to trace each word twice and write each word twice.

- Spelling worksheet to trace each word once and write each word three times.

- Spelling worksheet to read a sentence and circle the correctly spelled word.

- Spelling worksheet to identify the correctly spelled words.

- Spelling test template


Also Provided:

Overall 6th Grade Spelling Word List

Spelling Test Template 2 to a Page

Spelling Test Template 1 to a Page

Personal Spelling List Practice Sheet

Extra Spelling Practice Sheet


Spelling Rules and Patterns Included By Week:

Week 1- Short vowel words with one syllable.

Week 2- Soft and hard /g/ sound.

Week 3- Vowel digraphs such as -ou, -oi, -ie, -au, and -oa.

Week 4- Vowel digraphs such as -ou, or -ough.

Week 5- Word endings -nce and -nse.

Week 6- Commonly misspelled words

Week 7- Suffixes such as -ant, -ance, and -ence.

Week 8- Suffixes -al and -ous.

Week 9- Prefixes in-, il-, and ir-.

Week 10- Two syllable words with a vowel/consonant/vowel pattern.

Week 11- Two and three syllable words with a vowel/consonant/-e pattern.

Week 12- Commonly misspelled words

Week 13- Two syllable words that have -ible, -dle, -ple, and -tle as the second syllable.

Week 14- "R-controlled" vowels.

Week 15- Vowel combination -ea and its three sounds.

Week 16- Letter combination -sion.

Week 17- Letter combination -tion.

Week 18- Commonly misspelled words

Week 19- Prefixes pre-, pro-, and de-.

Week 20- Prefixes dis-, mis-, non-, and un-.

Week 21- Suffixes -able and -ible.

Week 22- Homophones

Week 23- Suffixes -ward and -ly.

Week 24- Commonly misspelled words

Week 25- Words that use the suffix -ing and double the first consonant.

Week 26- Words that use the suffix -ed and its three sounds.

Week 27- Plural nouns that end in -y, -f, or -fe.

Week 28- Compound words.

Week 29- Three syllable words.

Week 30- Commonly misspelled words


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