All About Lions- Animal Science

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Real photos, non-fiction articles, crafts, worksheets, and writing templates to round out your unit about lions. This package is geared towards pre-K through 2nd grade and has a variety of levels of reading and writing resources. Its seriously packed with amazing stuff!


What You Get:

  • Book suggestion list
  • Lion video links
  • Macro Magnified Picture "Can You Guess What Animal This Is?"
  • Macro Magnified Solution Picture
  • Animal Classification Chart
  • Lions are Mammals poster
  • Lions are Carnivores poster
  • Lion species poster
  • Lion Life Cycle poster
  • "Nate the Naturalist" fictional story about observing lion behavior
  • "Nate the Naturalist" early reader fictional story about observing lion behavior
  • Animal Collection Cards- Lions (4 to a page)
  • Non-Fiction article about lions
  • Early-reader article about lions
  • Lion photo cut-out
  • 6 vocabulary word strips
  • Lion memory game (10 matches)
  • World map showing areas where lions live
  • 5 photos with information about lion behavior
  • 5 photos with information about lion physical characteristics
  • 1 photo with information about lion habitat
  • Lion Art Project (With Photo and light outline provided)
  • Lion adaptations worksheet
  • Lion life cycle worksheet
  • 1 lion paper bag puppet template
  • Cut out lion to put in habitat craft
  • Cut out lion footprints template
  • Lion coloring page
  • 2 Student booklets to draw and write about lions.
  • Fill in missing lion words
  • "What Does a Lion Eat?" worksheet
  • Label the parts of a lion worksheet (blank and with dotted words to trace)
  • Write lion words
  • Lion book template with photos to glue in (one book blank and one with dotted words to trace)
  • 2 Nature Journal covers
  • 2 page ladybug report planner
  • 1 simple ladybug report planner
  • 2 animal report templates to choose from (with photos)
  • 1 large student booklet for new writers
  • 3 Draw and write templates
  • "Writing about Lions" Bookmarks


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