Ancient Aztec, Maya, and Inca- Ancient Civilizations Unit Study

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This set of resources will help you teach your students about Ancient Central and South America. Some people call Ancient Central America "Mesoamerica". This product covers all three civilizations as one, with some distinctions (separate timeline cards, and indicating which civilization important people or places were)

Dive into history with recommendations for books, projects, and videos to supplement your studies. Hang posters that highlight the most important places from this time period. Learn about what they ate and what they wore. Create a detailed timeline with your classroom to learn about the most important events. Color and create maps of the area. Read articles about the most important things to know about this civilization. Do a few projects and crafts including making an Aztec headdress, writing Mayan Glyphs, Making a codex, and designing an Inca tunic. 7 writing prompts have been included from various writing genres so that you can easily incorporate writing into your history lessons.

What You Get:

  • Fiction and Non-fiction book recommendations for Ancient Aztec, Maya, and Inca
  • Project and craft ideas
  • Links to youtube videos and documentaries
  • List of thematic spelling words
  • 20 important vocabulary strips (Logographic, calendar, maize, vanilla, tomato, potato, avocado, Chaski, Step Pyramid, Rubber, Quetzal, Pochtecah, Quinoa, Quetzalcoatl, Conquistador, Sun Stone, Cacao, Codex, Alpacas and Llamas, Relief Carving, Smallpox, Virus)
  • Map of the Mesoamerican Civilization (Aztec and Maya)
  • Map of the Inca Civilization
  • 7 famous people posters ( Manco Capac, Acampichtli, Huitilihuiti, Pachacuti, Montezuma II, Francisco Pizarro, and Hernan Cortez)
  • 4 famous places posters (Tenochtitlan, Chichen Itza, Machu Picchu, City of Chan Chan)
  • 5 landmark posters (The Gulf of Mexico, Lake Texcoco, Andes Mountains, Amazon Rainforest, Sechura Desert)
  • Aztec Glyphs poster
  • Poster about "What did people in Ancient Aztec, Maya, and Inca eat?"
  • Cut-out time-line cards for Aztecs (14 total)
  • Cut-out time-line cards for Maya (12 total)
  • Cut-out time-line cards for Inca (15 total)
  • Long cut-out timeline to put up on the wall
  • "Ancient Famers and Maize" article (provided in two reading levels)
  • "Mesoamerican Ball Game" article (provided in two reading levels)
  • "An Artistic People" article (provided in two reading levels)
  • "Deadly Smallpox" article (provided in two reading levels)
  • 2 character cut-outs that teach about what they wore in ancient Inca, Maya, and Aztec
  • Create an artifact museum craftivity
  • Reproduce 3 art artifact activity sheets
  • 3 coloring pages
  • Coloring poster with hilarious common Inca greeting
  • Craft project: Decorate 2 Mayan Pots
  • Craft project: Design an Inca Tunic with authentic T'oqapu geometric patterns
  • Craft project: Make an Aztec Headdress
  • Craft project: Make a Mini Codex
  • Craft project: Trace Mayan Glyphs
  • Design city layout of an Inca, Maya, or Aztec city
  • Seven 1-page writing prompts from several writing genres
  • Four 1-page writing prompts from several writing genres with primary writing lines
  • Four draw-and-write early writer prompt templates
  • Review Game (Jeopardy Style) Includes instructions for setup, rules for the game, cut-outs for the headers, point cards, and question cards. 20 questions total.

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