Antarctica Unit Study: Map Work for Antarctica

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Guide your students as they create a detailed map of Antarctica during your Unit Study of Antarctica. This set will teach your students about map concepts such as map keys, compass rose, and lines of latitude and longitude as well as mark important landforms in Antarctica such as ice shelves, volcanoes, the south pole, and the Antarctic Circle. Help students study the map and memorize important land features with flashcards. Help your students create a beautifully detailed map of Antarctica for their very own. Learn some interesting FAQs with your students and facilitate a discussion with this included teacher guide.


What You Get:

  • Political map of Antarctica
  • Half-page of quick facts about Antarctica
  • Comprehension and discussion questions and answer to go with quick facts
  • Antarctica Map Work Word Search
  • Antarctica Map Template
  • 1 page guide to creating a detailed map of Antarctica
  • 8 double-sided flashcards to help identify and memorize important physical features in Antarctica


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