Arts and Crafts Labels

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More than 40+ simple and cute labels for your arts and crafts supplies. This product comes with a small rectangle label (20 to a page) and a larger square label (12 to a page) for each supply item. If you find that there are any crucial crafts missing that you need, let me know! I can easily add and update this product.


What You Get:

  • 40+ rectangle labels for arts and crafts supplies
  • 40+ square labels for arts and crafts supplies


Labels for the following craft supplies: feathers, pompoms, googly eyes, stamps, string, pipe cleaners, fabric, stencils, ribbon, popsicle sticks, paint, beads, play dough, buttons, stickers, glitter, foam, foam shapes, felt, glue, tape, straws, scissors, rubber bands, pencils, sequins, colored pencils, cotton balls, markers, Q-tips, jewels, yarn, knitting, wire, clay, hot glue gun, perler beads, embroidery, colored paper, crocheting, scrap paper, dot painters, and crayons.


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