Asia Unit Study: Animals of Asia Information Cards

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A great set of vivid Asian animal cards that can be used in continent study boxes or centers or for a unit study on Asia. 12 animals are featured in the set including: bengal tiger, Asian elephant, tapir, panda, cobra, macaque, camel, red panda, ibis, orangutan, peacock, and Burmese python. Each card is double sided. The front has a realistic photo with basic information and the back has a mini-article featuring interesting and unique information about each animal. The best part is a printable student booklet with an animal to color and space for yours students to write a few facts about each animal. A coloring page for each animal, mini pictures to put up around your map, and a writing template for an animal report are included. There are two versions provided- one using the metric system and one using the imperial system so that you can use these cards no matter how you measure. Enjoy!

What You Get:

  • 12 double sided information cards using the metric system.
  • 12 double sided information cards using the imperial system.
  • 12 small photo cut-outs of the animals to put around your map.
  • Animal Report template
  • Animal Matching Worksheet
  • Coloring Booklet for students to color and record information about the animals.
  • Coloring page of every animal


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