Asia Unit Study- Plants of Asia Information Cards

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A great set of vivid Asian plant cards that can be used in continent study boxes or centers or for a unit study on Asia. 12 plants are featured in the set including: bamboo, gingko tree, marigolds, cinnamon tree, mangrove tree, saxaul tree, rice, soybeans, taro, mulberry tree, cherry blossom, and lotus. Each card is double sided. The front has a realistic photo with basic information and the back has a mini-article featuring interesting and unique information about each plant. Worksheets and activities are included at the end of the packet including a set of small pictures to put up around your classroom map of Asia. These cards are provided in both metric and imperial measurements, so you can enjoy no matter how you measure!


What You Get:

  • 12 double sided information cards using metric measurements.
  • 12 double sided information cards using imperial measurements.
  • 12 small photo cut-outs of the plants to put around your map.
  • A plants of Asia matching worksheet
  • Plant Report template


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