Build a 3D Gingerbread House

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This is the perfect Christmas craft for your students! Print on card stock, have students color the pieces, cut out the pieces, and then glue the pieces together (the house pieces come with tabs to make assembly easier). Add some final touches and VOILA! Your students will have their very own 3D gingerbread house. This is a fantastic STEAM project. Engineering and art skills are used as well as creativity. This is not a project you'll have to beg your students to do and do well. Most of all, just enjoy. Get out the scissors and glue and turn up the Christmas music. Have fun!


What You Get:

  • Templates for front, back, sides, roof, and base for the gingerbread house.
  • gingerbread men, door, and window cut-outs.
  • LOTS of candy and frosting decorations to cut out and add to your house.
  • Written instructions for the teacher and a simpler version for students.

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