Create a City- Project Based Learning

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Create a city with this project-based learning kit. This packet helps you and your students jumpstart a "create a city" project. Over 20 pages of templates to help guide your class through the process of designing the layout and design of their city including roads, businesses, homes, parks, and more. This kit also includes some learning experiences including discussing how to select a mayor for your city (You could run a campaign in your classroom!), writing instructions for navigating through a city, creating a city according to rules laid out in the challenge cards, and thinking through how to write city ordinances. Your students are DEFINITELY going to have bigger and better ideas and for the ideal experience, go with it! This packet provides a starting place for your class- but let your imagination run wild! This project took over 3 hours for my students and they loved every minute of it! They beg me to do it again and again...

What You Get:

  • 1 page layout plan
  • 2 pages challenge cards with rules and problems
  • 1 page city ordinance template
  • 1 page mayor candidate choices to elect
  • 1 page template (2 to a page) for Follow Directions form
  • 1 page map key and city sign template
  • 1 page of compass roses to choose from
  • 1/2 page cut-out traffic and city signs
  • 3 pages homes and businesses
  • 1 page pond and park cut outs
  • 1 page tree and bush templates
  • 4 pages road pieces with tiny cars
  • 1 page railroad pieces
  • 3 pages 3D building templates (cut, fold, and glue)


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