Early Reader Booklet Level A: #10 "I Can See Things"

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This adorable book is perfect for teaching your student or child to read. This book is written according to guided reading level standards. Real photos bring the world to life for your new readers. Large black dots to assist in finger tracking. Teacher guides with the target sight words, comprehension and text questions, and reading tips. Additional posters, worksheets, and tracking sheets included to help you as you teach your child to read! These booklets are a great way to slowly graduate from level to level. Send a booklet home with a student with the coordinating homework page or read the booklets together as group reading. Several options are included so you can use them in whatever way you need. This particular book within the set has 5 words per page, 4 target sight words, a repetitive language pattern, and uses vocabulary that will help prompt you and your students to have discussions about all the things they can see in the world around them.


This is the tenth book in the level A series. 

What You Get:

  • Level A Guided Reading Text and Reader Descriptions
  • Sight words by guided reading level poster
  • "The ABC's of Helping Your Child Read at Level A" Parent handout
  • Level A Sight Words tracking sheet
  • Full page teacher booklet with printing instructions. "I Can See Things" (A version is included with text and discussion questions on each page as a guide.)
  • Half page student booklet with printing instructions. "I Can See Things"
  • Half page blank student booklet so student can write their own version
  • Reading homework assignment
  • Three sight word worksheets for target sight words "I", "can", and "see"
  • Flashcards for the two target sight words "I", "can", and "see"
  • Sounding out cards for 6 story words
  • Reading chart to motivate your new readers


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