Healthy Habits Unit

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Explore keeping our bodies healthy with these 10 helpful topics. A colorful banner to decorate a board or your wall will provide a good place to post student work and posters. Each topic comes with a 2 sided-information card, an "I can" poster, and a worksheet. All these resources will help you have a great conversation with your students about things they can do to keep their bodies healthy. Enjoy!

What You Get:

  • Banner to decorate a healthy habits bulletin board.
  • 9 articles about how to keep your body healthy including: sleep, food, water, hygiene, clean clothing, clean home, exercise, preventing illness, and treating illness.
  • 9 lists of helpful tips for each of the above topics.
  • A worksheet for each of the above 9 topics.
  • 9 anchor charts, one for each topic
  • 2 writing templates about how to keep our bodies healthy.


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