How To Rake Leaves Writing and Sequencing Activity

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What are the steps to rake leaves? This packet contains all the resources you'll need to have a class discussion about the process of raking leaves. Use the printables, worksheets, and writing prompts to create a magical writing experience. This is great for subs or for a seasonal quick plan that's exciting and will motive your early writers to write. Encourage them to add details and color their pictures! Bonus points if you bring in some fake leaves, a rake, and a bag and show them the steps right there in the classroom! Seriously, bring in a giant laundry basket full of fake leaves cut apart (you can buy them at the dollar store or Walmart) and let your students dump them. You'll have their attention in a snap!


What You Get:

  • What is "How-to Writing" anchor chart
  • Transition words anchor chart
  • 2 levels of editing checklists
  • 8 color sequencing cards (1 set with words and 1 set without words)
  • Worksheet "What do you need to rake leaves?"
  • Cut-out black and white sequencing cards (1 set with words and 1 set without words)
  • Envelope template to store sequencing cards
  • Full-page booklet with pictures to color and primary lines to write the sequences.
  • Half-page booklet with pictures to color and lines to write the sequences
  • Many other types of writing prompts to choose from!
  • Template for color and cut out fall leaves topped final draft


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