Letter V - Preschool Letter of the Week Unit

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A huge bundle of "letter V" resources as you teach your preschool students about letter V: worksheets, handwriting, crafts, photos, dot painting, play dough mats, sorting activities, and more! Activities to help your child identify letters, make the letter sounds, practice cutting and gluing skills, and fine motor control as they learn to carefully use a pencil. Tons of resources to choose from for your "letter of the week!" Just print and then enjoy preschool! There are plenty of black and white and color options available. Cute clipart and real-life photos are used in this resource. Enjoy worksheets, group activities, and hands-on crafts to help your students have a wonderful letter experience!

What You Get:

  • 4 V letter handwriting worksheets
  • Alphabet Letter Coloring Page
  • Letter Crown
  • Letter Paper Bag Puppet
  • Letter Wheel
  • Finish Letter Words
  • Letter Word Cards
  • 2 Letter Mazes
  • Favorite Letter Word Writing Page
  • Letter Theatre and Puppets
  • Letter Wikki Stick Mats
  • Color and Cut Out Letter Item
  • Letter V Coloring Page
  • 2 Versions of Letter Posters
  • Cut out the Upper and Lowercase Letter Photo
  • Letter Bingo with 40 different cards
  • Sheet music for letter V song with poster
  • Letter V play dough mat
  • Trace letter V with your finger page
  • Color, cut, and sort things that have a V worksheet and envelope template
  • Coloring page (V is for Violin)
  • Coloring page V chart (V is for ........)
  • Letter V maze
  • Tracing lines matching uppercase to lowercase
  • Sort uppercase and lowercase cut and glue activity
  • Trace words that have a V worksheet
  • Dot painting letter Vv
  • Dot painting find the letter V
  • Letter V Booklet (10 quarter-pages long)
  • Find words that have a V worksheet
  • 10 photos of things that start with letter V with a word to trace
  • Letter V memory game with 10 matches

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