Life Skills Unit: Sewing and Embroidery

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13 lessons for sewing and embroidery. Each lesson includes a page outline that can be used as a discussion guide or a handout for students. Some lessons have a template for a pattern for a beginning project including bean bags, embroidery designs, practice templates, hand-sewn Christmas ornaments, and a drawstring bag. There is a homework sheet for homework.

You'll Get The Following Lessons:

  • Sewing Equipment and basics: Outline, basic sewing materials and supplies, types of fabric.
  • Hand Sewing: Outline, how to thread and tie a knot, 2 basic hand stitches.
  • Hand-sewn Ornaments: Pattern template and instructions for sewing Christmas tree ornaments. This is an opportunity for students to practice hand-sewing, embroidery, and button sewing.
  • Embroidery: Outline, Basic supplies, 5 basic embroidery stitch instructions, practice line template, 4 pages of templates for simple embroidery designs
  • Sewing a Button: Instructions with photos about how to sew on a button.
  • Hemming: Outline and instructions for how to do a basic invisible hem stitch.
  • Mending: Outline, how to decide whether something is worth mending, tips, 4 basic garment construction failure fixes, 3 basic fabric failure fixes
  • Sewing Machine: Outline, types of sewing machines, troubleshoot machine problems, how to maintain your sewing machine, how to decide if you need machine repair, parts of a sewing machine
  • How to Sew with a Sewing Machine: Outline, sewing the perfect seam, what is seam allowance, how to sew different shapes and types of seams, how to knot on a machine, 3 pages practice templates (to trace onto fabric for practice)
  • Bean Bags: Instructions for sewing a bean bag, pattern template for bean bags.
  • Drawstring Bag: Instructions for sewing a drawstring bag, pattern template for drawstring bag.
  • Patterns: Outlines for how to choose a pattern, read a pattern, and markings on a pattern.


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