Nonfiction Early Reader Booklet "Pumpkins"

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This little non-fiction book is perfect for teaching your student or child to read and use non-fiction text features. Real photos bring the world to life for your new readers. Teacher guides with the themed words, comprehension and text questions, and reading tips. Additional posters, worksheets, and tracking sheets included to help you as you teach your child to read! Send a booklet home with a student with the coordinating homework page or read the booklets together as group reading. Several options are included so you can use them in whatever way you need. Explore the fall with pumpkins!

What You Get:

  • Non-Fiction Text Feature Posters (Elements of Informative Text, Table of Contents, Subtopics and Headings, Illustrations and Photos, Graphics, Glossary, and Index posters)
  • Full page teacher booklet with printing instructions. "Pumpkins"
  • Half page student booklet with printing instructions. "Pumpkins"
  • Half page blank student booklet so student can write their own version
  • Reading homework assignment
  • "The ABC's of Helping Your Child Read Non-Fiction" Parent handout
  • Sounding out cards for 12 theme words
  • Word Strips for 12 theme words with pictures and definitions for your word wall
  • Reading chart to motivate your new readers


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