Ocean Unit Study: Seashell Sorting and Classification

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Study, identify, and sort seashells with your students. Help your students learn about shells from mollusks as they sort and classify seashells. Use these 19 beautiful and informative sorting mats to group shells by their characteristics. There are three major groups of mollusks, cephalopods, bivalves, and gastropods. Two of these groups provide most of the world's seashells. Enhance your Ocean Unit Science Study with a memorable hands-on activity. An additional simple student mini-booklet allows students to draw and write about each type of shell with optional cut-out shell photos. There is also a collage template or seashell collection envelope and a page of color seashell photos to cut out. Encourage your students to bring seashells they've collected at the beach to sort and group, the more variety the better!


Note: This collection of types of shells is not exhaustive, but hopefully covers most of the basics. If you feel like there is a type that should definitely be included, let me know!


What You Get:

  • 2 pg. "What is Conchology" article
  • 19 sorting mats for 19 different types of shells
  • 1 sorting mat for shells that need to be studied further before identifying (not sure)
  • 1 sorting mat for "orphan" seashells that don't fit into the provided groups.
  • Mini-booklet about shells for students to fill out as they learn.
  • Color seashell photos to cut out and put in booklet.
  • Seashell collage template
  • Seashell collection envelope template (for paper cut-outs)
  • Color seashell photos to cut out and glue on collage or collect in envelope.


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