Paleontology Unit Study: Creatures of the Cenozoic Era Information Cards

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Teach about the Cenozoic Era by exploring the animals that lived during that time with these colorful and informative information cards. One side of each card features a realistic "photo like" image of the creature. The back features a mini-article with fascinating information to engage your students. A student booklet is also included to fill out information about each animal that lived during that time.


What You Get:

  • 2 charts showing the periods of time
  • 12 double-sided information cards about animals that lived during the Cenozoic Era including: Megaloceros, sabertooth cat, wooly mammoth, eurohippus, chalicotherium, terror bird, glyptodont, macraucheniam, megatherium sloth, enteledon, and megalodon. Cards provided with both metric and imperial measurement system.
  • Set of small animal photos to use for projects or on a bulletin board.
  • Non-fiction article (and early reader version) about how paleontologists decide what these animals looked and behaved like.
  • 2 worksheets studying fossils.
  • 2 report templates
  • "Cenozoic Museum" cut and glue activity worksheets.
  • Coloring page for each creature
  • Super cute "Creatures of the Cenozoic Era" memory game. (12 matches)
  • Geochronological timeline that covers all eras and time and which plants and animals were on the earth- Large enough to hang on a classroom wall.
  • Geochronological timeline template that kids can create themselves complete with plants and animals to cut and glue onto it.- Large enough to hang on a classroom wall.


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