Paleontology Unit Study: Creatures of the Mesozoic Era Information Cards

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Animals and creatures that evolved and lived during the Mesozoic Era. 9 of the cards features dinosaurs, 2 feature swimming reptiles, and 1 features a flying reptile. Each card is double sided with a realistic photo and basic information on one side and an interesting mini-article on the back. To review there is a "Who Was I" riddle worksheet. These cards are easy to add to a unit study or independent box or to use during your classroom Paleontology or Dinosaur Unit Study. You can present them in front of the class, break students into groups, have students present to each other, or pass them out one at a time. There are many options for how to use this resource in your classroom or homeschool. These cards are provided using both the metric and imperial measurement systems.


What You Get:

  • 12 double-sided information cards with picture and mini-articles about 12 Mesozoic creatures including the plesiosaurus, corythosaurus, parasaurolophus, ankylosaurus, velociraptor, spinosaurus, liopleurodon, pteranodon, pachycephalosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, stegosaurus, and triceratops. Cards available using both metric and imperial measurement systems.
  • "Who Was I?" worksheet to help review dinosaurs (with answer key)
  • Set of small pictures to use in a project or on a bulletin board.
  • Article (and early reader version) about how paleontologists use information to theorize about how dinosaurs looked and behaved.
  • 2 worksheets studying fossils
  • Animal Report and Paleontology Report writing templates
  • Mesozoic Museum cut and glue activity worksheet
  • A coloring page for each creature
  • A super cute "Creatures of the Mesozoic Era" Memory Game (12 matches)
  • Geochronological timeline that covers all eras and time and which plants and animals were on the earth- Large enough to hang on a classroom wall.
  • Geochronological timeline template that kids can create themselves complete with plants and animals to cut and glue onto it.- Large enough to hang on a classroom wall.


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