Preschool Colors- All About White

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This super cute kit will help you teach your students about the color white. Great classroom resources, activities, crafts, and worksheets to make learning about colors a lot of fun! Learn how to identify, sort, and use the color white. Use these activities to decorate your classroom, send projects home to families, and have a great "color" experience! Remember these resources can be printed any size to fit your needs. Enjoy!


What You Get:

  • "Things That Are White" coloring page
  • All About White color classroom poster
  • All About White crown template
  • Mini-book about the color white (12 quarter-sheet pages long with picture and word to trace)
  • 10 coloring/tracing posters about the color white (provided in both B&W and color)
  • Cut-out paint can, paint puddle, and 2 paint brushes (provided in both B&W and color)
  • 10 color photos posters about real-life things that are white
  • White bingo game (3 pages of teacher call cards-24 cards total and 40 different 4x4 bingo cards)

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