Singing Time Signs

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Liven up your singing practice with these 29 different singing visual aids. Sing the songs you planned with your students, and use these as a no-prep easy way to make practicing fun. Many of these signs use real musical terms to help your students become exposed to musical terms and symbols. Although there are a few ideas and instructions on each page, the options are endless with these signs. You might find a new or different way to make these singing signs a hit with your music students.


What You Get:

  • Stop and Go Signs
  • Forte and Piano Signs (Lion and Mouse)
  • Oooo, Buzz, Hmmm, Ahhh, and Eee Singing Signs
  • Girls Only and Boys Only Singing Signs
  • Kids Only and Adults Only Singing Signs
  • Baby, Grandma, Underwater, Monster, and Whisper Voice Signs
  • Legato and Staccato Singing Signs
  • Crescendo and Decrescendo Singing Signs
  • Fermata Singing Sign
  • Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange, and Purple Team Signs


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