Writing Riddles

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Writing riddles is a great engaging writing activity! Help your students learn about what a riddle is, what its characteristics are, and how you brainstorm to come up with clues that give just the right amount of information. Share some examples and figure them out as a class. Think, practice, and laugh together about riddles! Then use these template to help them write their own riddles. This is a wonderful activity for new or hesitant writers. Enjoy!

What You Get:

  • Anchor Chart that defines riddles.
  • Chart sharing tips for writing riddles.
  • Chart for how to brainstorm clues.
  • 3 pages of riddle prompts for students that need help thinking up a riddle.
  • 2 Riddle Writing templates (one with primary lines and one with regular lines)
  • Riddle booklet (11 half-pages) with guided lines for students to write riddles.
  • Riddle booklet (12 quarter-pages) with regular lines for students to write riddles.
  • 25 double-sided color riddle examples.


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